Oloneo HDRengine belooft eenvoudige HDR bewerking

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Het Franse bedrijf Oloneo, bekend van het RAW/HDR-pakket PhotoEngine 1.0, heeft vandaag een nieuwe softwaretitel op de markt gebracht. Oloneo HDRengine speciaal bedoeld voor het produceren van HDR foto’s en is volgens eigenzeggen het meest geavanceerde en eenvoudiste pakket van dit moment. Het kan zowel overweg met een enkele foto als meerdere opnamen met verschillende belichtingen (via bracketing; normaal, onderbelicht, overbelicht). HDRengine belooft een vereenvoudiging van het proces waarbij HDR foto’s gemaakt en bewerkt worden. Op die manier kunnen details in overbelichte en onderbelichte gebieden toch zichtbaar gemaakt worden in één enkele foto. Het programma biedt oneindige bewerkingsmogelijkheden, van de meest realistische look tot de meest creatieve (of extreme) tone mapping-stijl. De software is gebaseerd op het eerder genoemde PhotoEngine. HDRengine richt zich meer op beginners die zonder allerlei complexe stappen snel resultaat willen boeken.

HDRengine biedt een aantal geautomatiseerde tools waarmee je vlot bewerkingen kunt uitvoeren, zoals Auto Tone Mapper. Ook biedt het een reeks presets en stijlen die als preview realtime op je foto worden toegepast. Vooral voor beginners, die niet aan allerlei schuifjes willen zitten, is dat handig. Het omzetten naar een tonemapped HDR is vervolgens zo gepiept. Althans, Oloneo stelt dat haar HDR engine de snelste is van dit moment, waardoor zowel de previews als de volledige omzetting weinig tijd kosten. 

Hoewel de software gericht is op beginners en amateurs bevat HDRengine dezelfde technologie als Oloneo PhotoEngine. Naast de standaard opties biedt de software ook mogelijkheden om halo’s en ghosting weg te werken. Het pakket kan overweg met 380 verschillende RAW-formaten en behoudt de EXIF-waarden. 

Prijs en beschikbaarheid

HDRengine 1.0 (32- of 64-bit) is vanaf vandaag beschikbaar voor een introductieprijs van € 59 via de webwinkel van Oloneo. Er is ook een gratis 30 dagen-versie beschikbaar die je daar kunt downloaden. Er zit een Engelse (of Franse) handleiding bij.


Oloneo(R) Makes HDR Photography Accessible to All With the Launch of Oloneo HDRengine(TM)

HDR enthusiasts and novices can now benefit from the fastest, most advanced HDR tools packaged in a simple-to-use, affordable yet highly creative application.

Paris, France – December 16, 2011 – Oloneo today announced the immediate availability of Oloneo HDRengine, the fastest and most accessible HDR application to easily create superior HDR photos. Easy to learn and master, Oloneo HDRengine is designed for the HDR photography enthusiasts and novices and comes with ready-to-use contents to jump start the photographer’s creative process. Oloneo HDRengine v1 for Windows is available now at the special introductory price of US$59 / €59 through the Oloneo online store at www.oloneo.com. A full-featured, 30-day-limited trial version of HDRengine can be freely downloaded from the company’s website as well.

HDRengine simplifies the process of creating and editing high-quality HDR images by offering an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow along with a full range of real-time tone mapping tools and options. Whether using multiple bracketed exposures or a single photo, HDRengine allows photographers to easily recover lost details in overexposed areas of a photo, restore low-light areas in underexposed photos, or create infinite variations of an image, from the most realistic look to the utmost creative tone-mapping style, without compromising details and color appearance.

“Based on Oloneo PhotoEngine, the company’s flagship application for professional HDR and image processing, Oloneo HDRengine perfectly answers the needs of the beginners and enthusiasts looking for an accessible yet powerful application to create high-quality HDR photos quickly, without having to trouble themselves with the technicalities of HDR” said Antoine Clappier, President of Oloneo and main developer. “HDRengine is fast, easy to use and comes with many presets and automated tools to be productive instantly.”

– Presets and automated tools: be productive instantly
Beginners will feel comfortable instantly thanks to a wide range of presets and HDR styles that can be previewed and applied in real-time. HDRengine also features many automated tools such as Auto Tone Mapper, auto contrast or auto alignment to rush the whole HDR process.

– Blazing performance: revolutionary real-time HDR for a unique creative experience
HDRengine features the fastest HDR engines available today, allowing full real-time tone mapping and HDR manipulations, whether working with multiple exposures or a single photo. Real-time HDR means more time being creative and less time waiting for an image to refresh or a tool to respond.

– Single image HDR: make your best shots even better
While HDRengine makes the tone mapping of bracketed exposures a very simple task, photographers can also dramatically enhance an existing single photo by using a large selection of HDR effects along with brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance controls.

– Intuitive and responsive: easy to learn and master
HDRengine is an intuitive HDR application, easy to learn and master: the application’s responsive, elegant interface offers a well-organized and efficient workflow so each step of the HDR process is extremely easy to understand. Other notable features include instant raw photo and image thumbnails, full, real-time edition history with animated replay, full documentation and video tutorials directly accessible from within the application.

– Best imaging technologies: no compromise on quality and precision
While aimed at beginners and amateurs, HDRengine share the same high-end image editing technologies and color model used in Oloneo PhotoEngine(TM), the company’s flagship application for professional HDR and image processing. This full real-time, 32-bit floating-point per channel (96-bit per pixel), ultra-wide gamut, full resolution and non-destructive image-editing engine is combined with Oloneo’s unique color model to guarantee photographers against any loss of image data and quality during the HDR process.

– State-of-the-art HDR: make an impact with professional looking images
HDRengine offers the best possible tools to create spectacular, professional quality HDR images: three tone mapping engines, auto-exposure correction with fine-tuning, auto-contrast, halo control, ghost removal tools, auto-align, auto-orientation, and more.

– Full raw and image file support
HDRengine handles over 380 different RAW photo formats, with thumbnail and preservation of key EXIF metadata, as well as the popular JPEG and TIFF file formats (export and import).

– OS: 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista or Windows 7
– Hard disk: 200MB of available space
– CPU: 1.6 GHz Intel or AMD with SSE2, dual-core recommended
– RAM: 1.5GB
– Screen: 1280 x 720

Mac OS:
A Mac OS version of Oloneo HDRengine is not available at this time. The product runs with good performance on a dual-core Mac with Parallels Desktop 5 or similar virtual machines.

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